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1. What are the hours of trash collection?
2. What days is my trash collected?
3. What days is my green waste collected?
4. How often is my trash and green waste collected?
5. My trash can/bin is damaged or unusable, what do I do?
6. My trash/green waste can is missing, what do I do?
7. How much does it cost to replace a can?
8. How do I increase or decrease my trash service?
9. How much will it cost to increase trash service?
10. My trash was missed, put out late, or I was on vacation or family emergency. What can I do?
11. Where do I place my trash/green waste can?
12. What is the Holiday Sanitation / Trash Schedule?
13. What is allowed in the green waste can?
14. Does the City of Wasco offer bulky waste (i.e. couches, mattresses, springboards, etc.) pick-up services from my home?
15. How can I dispose of my bulky waste items?
16. Does the city offer recycling drop off locations?