What is the schedule for complying with the regulations?

On and after July 1, 2012, businesses are required to recycle, and jurisdictions will need to implement a program that includes education, outreach, and monitoring. The regulations also allow for phased-in implementation. Jurisdictions are required to report in the 2012 Electronic Annual Report (due August 1, 2013) on their initial education, outreach, and monitoring efforts, and, if applicable, on any enforcement activities or exemptions implemented by the jurisdiction.

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1. What are the main differences in the regulations that were being developed by ARB and CalRecycle under AB 32 and the regulations that CalRecycle is now developing to support AB 341?
2. When will the regulations be adopted?
3. What is the schedule for complying with the regulations?
4. How many businesses in California will be impacted by AB 341?
5. Will implementation of the mandatory commercial recycling regulations increase costs for jurisdictions?
6. Are jurisdictions and/or businesses required to divert 75% of their waste?
7. Are there any costs savings associated with the statute and proposed regulations?
8. What benefits to California are anticipated due to the proposed regulations?