Budget Documents

The City of Wasco's budget is a fiscal plan with projected revenues and estimated costs to provide essential services to the public, including police services, fire prevention services, and maintenance of the City's streets, parks, and infrastructure. The City prepares a balanced annual budget that incorporates community feedback, Council's goals, and City staff's plans to implement the Council's goals.  This budget is reviewed and updated biannually throughout the year.  

The Adopted Budget documents provides an in depth view of the city's budget, including historical analysis of key revenues, budgets and staffing levels for all funds and departments, fiscal policies, fund summaries, and more.  

The Budget In Brief is a summary of the Adopted Budget, highlighting the budget process, Council goals, General Fund revenues and expenditures, major projects, staffing, and other high level information about the City's services for the corresponding fiscal year.

A Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a multi-year planning instrument used by the City to identify needed capital projects and to coordinate the financing and timing of improvements in a way that maximizes the return to the public.

  1. Budget in Brief
  2. Adopted Operating Budgets
  3. CIP
  4. 2022 Budget Process