Veteran Salute Banner Program

Application Period:
Currently Closed


The City of Wasco wishes to honor and recognize Wasco residents who have honorably served in the United States Armed Forces as a tribute to their service to our nation and community. This program is open to honorably discharged veterans and current active-duty military members who are currently serving in any branch of the United States Armed Forces. Banners will be displayed on the streetlight posts in historic downtown Wasco. The Veteran Salute Banner display will promote civic pride and add a patriotic character to our city. 


To qualify, the honoree must be a veteran of the United States Armed Forces or currently serving in the Armed Forces. They must be a current or past resident of Wasco. A veteran's discharge from military service must be honorable. The veteran must provide a copy of their DD 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty with redacted Social Security Number. Active Duty service members must provide a copy of their respective service's proof of service documentation. Residents may complete an application on behalf of a family member to be honored, or they may self-nominate if they are a veteran.


  • A completed application with payment
  • Photograph requirements: An official military portrait of the honoree is suggested for this purpose. If such an image is not available, an image of the honoree void of other people or objects can be provided. A high-resolution JPG or PNG digital image (300 dpi or greater) is preferred. A high resolution 8" x 10" or larger portrait style photo will be accepted in lieu of a digital image. 
  • Photos should be a copy of the original. The City of Wasco will not return submitted photos.
  • Banners will be displayed from Independence Day through Veteran's Day as long as the quality of the banner is not compromised.  

NOTE: if honoree does not have an official photo that meets the specifications, the member’s service emblem may be used in its place.


  • Banner cost is $80.00(subject to change), which includes design, printing, and installation. Checks payable to the City of Wasco. 

Sponsoring a Veteran Banner: 

  • Individuals or organizations may sponsor veteran banner(s). The cost of each banner is $80.00(subject to change). Checks can be made out to the City of Wasco and include the memo "Veteran Banner Sponsorship." Sponsors need only to complete Section 1 listed on the application and remit payment. 


  • There are currently 45 lamp posts within downtown Wasco, and as such, the City of Wasco is offering this program on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • The City of Wasco will try to honor location requests (to be near particular banners, i.e., family/ friends), but not specific pole locations.
  • The City of Wasco shall make the final determination of the banner location.
  • Once a banner is installed on a lamppost, it will not be moved unless determined by the City of Wasco as necessary.
  • Banners will be displayed from Independence Day through Veteran's Day unless the banner starts to show deterioration or the applicant requests to have it taken down. When the banner loses its integrity, City staff will contact the applicant by phone, email, and/or by certified mail, if necessary, to arrange for disposition of the banner. 
  • If an applicant does not want to continue honoring their service member publicly the following year, they must notify the city in writing. The City of Wasco may display the banner for two consecutive years if the integrity of the banner has not diminished and if no other banner applications have been received and are in queue to be installed. 
  • Any banner unclaimed will become the property of the City of Wasco.
  • The City of Wasco reserves the right not to approve an application if the requirements of this banner program are not met.
  • By submitting an application, the applicant agrees that he or she has permission to use the service member's likeness and name on the banner.

Banner Specifications: 

  • The 18" x 36" banner will feature a full-color, double-sided design with service member's name, military branch, years of service, and photo.
  • Banner information, including military branch and spelling of service members' names, will be taken directly from the application. The City of Wasco is not responsible for misidentified military branches or misspellings that were submitted with the application.

Waiver and Limitations:

  • The City of Wasco is not responsible for replacing banners that are stolen, damaged, or destroyed due to age, vandalism, or any acts of nature.  Any loss or damage to an installed banner will be handled at the discretion of the City.


For more information, please contact Neomi L. Perez, Communications and Marketing Specialist, at 661-758-7215 or via email at