Water Shortage Emergency

City of Wasco Experiencing Mechanical Issues at Two Water Wells During Peak Demand

The City of Wasco currently is experiencing mechanical issues at two of its five water wells. While the City has not lost water service, it has experienced drops in water pressure during peak demand in the past several evenings. The mechanical issues will require immediate repairs, which will begin as soon as possible and may last for several weeks. During this period, residents and businesses may experience below normal water pressure.

The City is asking for the public’s assistance in conserving water. Please limit outdoor irrigation, filling of swimming pools, and other non-essential watering activities in order to decrease the demand for water and its’ impact on the system. If demand does not decrease, water pressure may drop significantly, posing a health and safety hazard to our residents. The City is working with the State Water Board on this issue and will continue to keep residents informed.

The City currently has Stage 3 water conservation measures in effect. Under Stage 3, the irrigation of lawns, gardens, landscaped areas, trees, shrubs, or other plants shall be limited to the following:

  • Odd Addresses (based on the last digit) - Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • Even Addresses (based on the last digit) - Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday
  •  All watering shall occur only between the hours of twelve a.m. (midnight) to five a.m. and seven p.m. to eleven fifty-nine p.m.

Due to the extreme circumstance, the City Council may consider implementing Stage 4 or Stage 5 water conservation measures until the water wells are repaired, the system fully operational, and capable of meeting normal water consumption demand with no further mechanical issues. During Stage 4, the irrigation of lawns, gardens, landscaped areas, trees, shrubs, or other plants are only allowed twice a week. Under Stage 5, residents are absolutely prohibited from outdoor watering and irrigation of lawns and ground cover at any time. To see the complete list of restrictions during Stage 4 or 5, please visit the City of Wasco’s website.

We ask our residents and businesses for patience as we work to repair our water system. Please work with us  in order to reduce the potential for more severe impact. To report water shortages or outages, please contact the Public Works Department at 661-758-7271.