Wasco Advantage for Business

Located in the heart of Central California, Wasco is one of the most progressive, fastest-growing areas in the western U.S. and offers an ideal location for business growth. We invite you to discover why companies like Walmart, Primex and Sunny Gem have chosen to do business here.

Competitive Advantages

The exceptional business climate for manufacturing, value added agriculture and logistics operations, makes the City of Wasco the ideal environment for your company. Expedited permit processes (weeks, rather than months) are just the beginning of Wasco’s competitive advantages.

Wasco offers commercial and industrial-zoned land ready for development, reasonable prices, and a business-friendly environment that is ready to work with you to quickly move your project through the approval process.

Population & Workforce

And our population and workforce will continue to grow thanks to an affordable cost of living and an excellent quality of life.

Charts Breaking Down Population, Labor Force, and Cost of Living Statistics