Animal Services


The Wasco Animal Control Officers are authorized to impound any and all animals which are kept, maintained, or found at large in violation of any of the provisions of this section and otherwise enforces all statutes, regulations and ordinances relating to the control of animals within the incorporated areas of the city. The Wasco Animal Shelter only accepts and accommodates to animals within the City limits.

Request for Public Records

If you would like to request an incident report, case file, or dog bite report, please fill out the Request for Public Record Form (PDF) and make sure it is turned in to the City Clerk’s Office at:
746 8th Street
Wasco CA, 93280


Report all stray animals, call 661-758-7240.


View adoptable Pets on PetFinder.

  1. Dog Licensing
  2. Intakes / Missing Pets
  3. Pet Redemption or Surrender
  4. Lost Pets
  5. Animal Adoption

All dogs in the City over four months of age must be licensed.  To obtain a dog license please visit the Wasco Finance Department located at 764 E St. For further instructions see Dog License Registration form.

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  2. Spay / Neuter Pets